April 9 th, in CRR, a fascinating artist was on the scene. She was Emel Mathlouthi who is a Tunusian songwriter, composer, guitarist and singer. Although she have just one music album (the other is one is on the way), she have already loyal and lots of fans all over the world.

Her artistic potential is not boundered with her songs, she is also an activist, so much keen on human rights and liberty.

At concert with her brilliant performance, she was not singing i thought. She was crying, laughing, smiling, talking… As a summary she was telling herself with her art very deeply. What i felt when i was leaving concert hall was just peace and hope. One important thing, special thanks to orchestra, they were performing great on the scene with Mathlouthi (Arthur Simoni, Imed Alibi, Emmanuel Trouvé). And her last sentence was fascinating: “It was 1.5 years before revolution when Youtube was censored in Tunusia”…